Offshore Wind Bill Reintroduced (7/10/15)
Senators Carper and Collins reintroduced the Incentivizing Offshore Wind Power Act that could provide critical financial incentives to encourage investment in offshore wind energy.

Improving Regulatory Efficiency for Offshore Aquaculture (8/4/15)

All in the Planning – Why Marine Spatial Planning Affects Port Planning and Operation (9/19/13)



Insights from Leaders: Practical Solutions on Ocean Planning

This series of films “offers wisdom and guidance on ocean management,….advice on creating strong management plans…., engaging stakeholders in the planning process, enhancing communication skills within planning bodies, and more tips…”
From our region, two people were featured.
Leo Asuncion, Director, Hawaii Office of Planning
Sustainably Engaging Stakeholders
Using MSP to Respond to New and Emerging Issues

Sarah Pautzke, Executive Secretary, Pacific Islands Regional Planning Body
Using MSP to Respond to New and Emerging Issues

Ocean Frontiers II: A New England Story for Sustaining the Sea
Ocean Frontiers

Marine Spatial Planning Short Film Series
By: University of Rhode Island SeaGrant
Part 1. America’s Ocean Economy: Challenges and Opportunities
Part 2. Advancing the Ocean Economy: Renewable Energy
Part 3. Ocean Planning: Enhancing and Protecting Our Fisheries
Part 4. Protecting Our Oceans through Marine Spatial Planning