RPB Documents
American Samoa Lessons Learned Report – CONCUR
American Samoa Stakeholder Assessment
and Appendices
Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Meeting SummariesWorkshop report cover 2012_cropped
November 20-21, 2014 RPB Meeting
July 11-12, 2013 RPB Meeting

Workshop Reports
Foundations for Ocean Planning – Human Use and Habitat Characterization (Oct. 2-3, 2012)

Other Documents
Hawaii Ocean Resources Management PlanORMP
Website ♦ Plan
Practitioners Guide to Managing Ocean Resources through Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning

Data requirements and tools to operationalize marine spatial planning in the United States
Authors: Stamoulis and Delevaux
Ocean and Coastal Management 116 (2015) 214-23

Other RPBs’ Documents
Mid-Atlantic Ocean Plan
Northeast Regional Ocean Plan

National Ocean Council Documents
Final Recommendations of the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force
Implementation Plan
Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning Handbook