About Us

Until it was disbanded in June 2018 with President Trump’s new executive order, the Pacific Islands Regional Planning Body was comprised of 17 members from both federal, and state and territorial government agencies, as well as the regional fishery management council.  The Pacific Islands RPB members worked together for the balanced, sustainable management of the coastal and marine areas of the Pacific Islands Region.


dudu'li 023The mission of the Pacific Islands Regional Planning Body was to plan, coordinate, and realize all responsibilities described under Executive Order 13547, Stewardship of the Ocean, Our Coasts and Great Lakes, commonly referred to as the National Ocean Policy. The Pacific Islands Regional Planning Body was to create a coastal and marine spatial plan for effective conservation and sustainable use of natural and cultural resources for the benefit of the region, its indigenous peoples, and the nation.

Guiding Principles

  1. Promote cultural traditions, values, and practices of the Pacific Islands as a means of managing natural resources and fostering opportunities for participation;
  2. Promote an ecosystem approach in the management of natural resources, including minimizing impacts on habitat and species;
  3. Promote environmentally responsible use of natural resources to provide long-term economic growth and stability;
  4. Support quality research and obtain the most complete scientific information and traditional ecological knowledge to assess and manage natural resources;
  5. Promote education and outreach that fosters good stewardship and broad public participation;
  6. Promote regional and international cooperation to manage natural resources;
  7. Encourage development and use of technologies to effectively manage and monitor natural resources;
  8. Incorporate responses to climate change into plans and decisions;
  9. Encourage data sharing to increase efficiency and resolve conflict;
  10. Support risk-informed decisions that consider long-term implications; and
  11. Promote compatible and discourage incompatible uses of coastal and ocean areas that support the needs of the local population, region; and nation.


Collaborative ecosystem-based management that promotes sustainable use of our Pacific Ocean resources, economic growth & stability, access, heritage, and values.


The goal of the Pacific Islands RPB was to further the Obama National Ocean Policy through the development of a regional coastal and marine spatial plan that will, now and in the future, accomplish the following:

  1. Provide the best available and publicly accessible information on the condition and uses occurring within coastal and marine ecosystems.
  2. Involve stakeholders and reflect local, regional and cultural priorities and rights.
  3. Enable effective, holistic and integrated intergovernmental decision-making regarding productive uses that supports compatibility, access, commerce, and security in the coastal and marine environment.
  4. Promote healthy ocean and coastal ecosystems and community benefits.